Welcome to the Lois & Clark nFic Awards for the year 2000. What is nFic, you ask? Well, if you have to ask...you`re too young to be here. Come back again when you`re 18. nFic is adult fiction, stories that would be rated R or NC-17, based on the TV show, Lois & Clark. The nKerth Awards are a celebration of the best of the genre.

In case any of you sneaky underage people think you`re going to have access to some steamy L&C nFic on this site...sorry. This web site simply provides links to the various sites where the eligible stories for the 2000 nKerth Awards are hosted. Most of these sites are password protected. So, better luck next year.

An image that launched a thousand nfics ;)


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Some great stories were honored at the 2nd nKerth Awards ceremony on September 16, 2000.
See the winners and their awards or read the logs to find out what happened during the ceremony.

You can find out what happened at the 1st nKerth Awards ceremony at the 1999 nKerth site.


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