Frequently Asked Questions


1) What are the definitions of the various categories?

No strict definitions are enforced for the nominations, but the following is generally what we interpret the categories to mean. Note that some previous nKerth awards, because of the nature of the stories that were written during their applicable time period, have sometimes included different categories not described below or some of these categories have not been used for that year's awards.

Best Vignette - pretty much any short story, not necessarily a vignette in the true literary sense, below a certain given size (this limit has varied according to the size of stories written during the year and is given on the nKerth website).

Best Dramatic nFic - any nfic that can be considered dramatic to the reader. For the nKerths, a strong plot is not necessary, so this would cover the Kerth's Best Drama and Best Relationship categories. No size restriction.

Best Humorous - any nfic that the reader considers humorous. No size restriction.

Most Sensual - any nfic that the reader considers sensual. No size restriction.

Best WAFFY - any nfic that the reader feels generates a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. No size restriction.

Best Elseworld/Alt Universe nFic - any nfic that covers an Alternate Universe (same or similar to that in the show) or veers so far from the show to be considered an ElseWorld by the reader. George and Lynn nfic stories have been grouped in here. No size restriction.

Best First Time Rewrite - any nfic that contains intercourse for the first time between Lois and Clark. No size restriction.

Best Episode Tie-In - any nfic that has any tie, major or minor, to an episode. This includes major rewrites, in-between scenes not aired, continuations that follow the episode immediately or years later, etc. No size restriction.

Best nFic Revelation - any nfic that includes a revelation. This usually refers to Lois finding out Clark is Superman, but could really be any revelation (Jimmy or Perry find out, etc.) No size restriction.

Best Overall nFic - any type of nfic that the reader thinks is best that year. No size restriction


2) What is the definition of a New Author?

In the first year of the nKerths this category did not exist since one could say everyone was a new nfic author. Since then, the definition has generally been any author who has posted an nfic story on the Fanfic MBs, Zoomway's MBs, or had one uploaded to the Nfic Archive for the first time that year and is not an "established Lois and Clark fanfic writer" who has had work uploaded to the Fanfic Archive in previous years. There have been exceptions to this definition because of the term "established Lois and Clark fanfic writer." For future awards, the nKerth Crew has tentatively decided that a request for a New Author ruling can be made if only 1-2 very short fanfic stories were uploaded late in the previous year (for example, two 10 kbs fanfic stories uploaded to the Archive in the November/December timeframe). Consideration will be made for the author's unique situation at that time.

Note: If a new Lois and Clark nfic writer is an established writer in another fandom and they feel the term "New Author" does not apply to them, they will be removed from the New Author list upon request.


3) Where are these sites you just mentioned?

Access to the nfic stories at these above sites is restricted, therefore, you will need to sign up to gain access. Instructions are given at each site. The following site, which does not contain nfic, does not require a password.


4) How does a nfic story become eligible to be nominated?

Each nKerth Awards covers stories written during a certain time period. Any story posted on the Fanfic MBs, Zoomway's MBs, or uploaded to the Nfic Archive during that time period is automatically considered eligible. If the author notifies the nKerth Crew before nominations start, a story can be removed from the list of eligible stories. This is typically because the author wishes to edit or polish their story further. Additionally, if an author would like a nfic story located elsewhere (for example, a personal website or another fanfiction website like or be eligible for the nKerth Awards, the author will need to notify the nKerth Crew. The email address is available on the nKerth website.


5) Who does the nKerth Crew consist of and how does one contact them?

An email address is provided on the nKerth Site set up for each award. The last few nKerth Awards have had a crew consisting of Dawn F. and the Lurker, who maintains the Nfic Directory ( and helps Dawn with the MB Indices.


6) What are the MB Indices?

They should be self-explanatory at the following sites:

Fanfic MBs:

Zoomway's MBs:


7) How do I know the sizes of the stories to determine if they are vignettes?

Each nKerth site has a link to a summary table with that information.


8) What if I can't remember if a story is an elseworld, altworld, revelation, etc?

The above mentioned summary table has a description that might help jog your memory. Otherwise, you might need to skim the story again to help you remember.


9) What are Nfic stories?

The definition of Nfic stories is any story rated R or NC-17 for any reason. Nfic isn't only sexual content these days, but any story which has adult themes, violence, etc., not necessarily of a sexual nature.


10) How can I participate in the nKerth Awards?

By reading, nominating, voting, and volunteering for or attending nKerth Ceremony. The continuation of the nKerth Awards will require participation in all these stages by as many FoLCs as possible. The last nKerth Ceremony was in 2012. The nKerth Ceremony can be returned if there is enough interest.


11) You mention George and Lynn nfic in your definition of ElseWorld? What is a George and Lynn nFic?

George and Lynn stories are about two actors working on a TV show and their relationship - loosely based on Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher (George and Lynn being their respective middle names). These stories are only posted on Zoomway's MBs.


12) How do you know if we received your nominations or votes?

You should receive an acknowledgement email. If not, check your spam folder, then send us an email asking if we received it. Do not vote twice. You can send in additional nominations, but don't send the same nominations twice.


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